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My surgery :

I did my surgery on the 14th of June in year 2011. I was only 20?
Haha but I remembered myself being so determined about it.

After all the confirmation with the Dr I booked my flight in mar 2011, and I finally waited till the day, 14.06.11!

Medan is in Indo, very near to Singapore. I think around 1 hour flight?
Air-tickets around $50-$100 depending on flight time and airlines.

I reached medan at approx 11.30am and there was a driver driving a mini-bus (w aircon xD) to take us to Elixir De Vie.

Was I scared as I went alone?
Frankly no.
Because I already feel so taken care of when I was emailing Elixir De Vie and I just knew its a right thing to do.
I was more excited than scared.

I got there and I met a new friend. She went alone too and is from SG.
My op was scheduled to be on the 14th, exact day I landed so I quickly consulted Dr Arthur once I got to the Elixir De Vie.

Elixir De Vie - it is like a bungalow, those that you see in SG.
It's more like a mini hospital with many rooms and also it is so welcoming!
The atmosphere and even the nurses.
I loaded my luggage in the room and quickly changed to go down to meet the man behind this awesome hospital.

Met Dr Arthur, was quite shocked to see him as he looks super young and really fit. He runs marathons to keep fit, a very good example to all his patients hehe and also has really nice complexion!

He analysed my problem areas and told me the risks that I can expect, and also very clearly explained to me the liposuction and fat transfer process.

Soon after we proceeded to the surgery room, and I was wiped all over with iodine solution.
I was under LA during the surgery but I remembered I was sleeping and there was no pain at all.
Couldn't really remember what happened during the surgery and the next thing I knew I was on the bed all dressed and my legs all wrapped up.

I felt slight aching, really no pain at all for me but I have got very good pain tolerance heh heh.
All in all it was a surgery that happened during my sleep and it felt like magic cos when I woke up, I AM A NEW ME!

The doctor showed me pictures of my legs before and after and I remember I was so happy I teared slightly.
Can't blame me! I was called fat thighs, pig legs all these while!

My breasts were very sore but much rounder compared to the past(which was just a day before hehehe).
Can't believe one day in my life made a change to my entire life.

I'm so proud of myself and happy I made this decision.
I'm even more happy with Dr Arthur, thankful is the word!

Overall my stay lasted 5 days, as I wanted more post op care as this is my first time. The kind nurses massaged me every morning (complimentary if you do surgery) and changed my dressing everyday. I couldn't really remember about bathing but I think I'm not allowed to bathe one or two days after the surgery.

During my 2nd day I visited the malls in Medan as Dr says it's good to talk a walk once in a while after the surgery for blood circulation.

Had a great time hanging out with another fellow singaporean who went for liposuction too, and flew back on the 18th. I really enjoyed my stay at Elixir De Vie and Dr Arthur is really a super nice doctor.

I guess one thing I really hated about liposuction is having to wear compression garments and the swelling. Overall my swelling lasted 2 months. After two months my legs shape really showed, but I'm told by Dr Arthur the entire swelling process might take up to 1-1.5 years depending on individual.

I did not have any bruises prior to my surgery just some yellowing of my skin maybe due to the fact I took yunnanbaiyao a few days prior to surgery and very slightly and on and off swelling due to my diet (heh heh I didn't listen to the Dr and ate junk food like maggi noodles which is high in sodium that causes water retention).

I massaged myself religiously everyday to speed up healing process and changed my dressing and wear compression garments for 2 weeks. To be honest I feel the longer you wear the garments the better the healing process.

That's all for the surgery/process.

After lipo Day 1 and 1.5 months thereafter(Ops room pic credits to Dr Arthur)

If you go to Elixir De Vie website, I'm in one of the case studies, case study no. 4, under the full body transformation category.

Here :

Disclaimer : I am not someone who works for Elixir De Vie nor I am sponsored by anyone to write this blog. I set up this blog mainly to help spread the word of Elixir De Vie as I am a sincerely happy customer who thinks that Dr Arthur deserves to be more widely known, and also this is to help girls who are contemplating about liposuction and also the risks, factors and costs on the surgery. I am also using this blog as a platform to update my plastic surgery journey which I hope to complete by end of 2014. Cheers!

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Next post : current me after 2.5yrs prior to the surgery

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