Thursday, 23 January 2014


My current life :

I would say overall Liposuction changed my life, in a good way.

I'm now wearing so many shorts and skirts that I never thought I could and even became a freelance blogshop model.
I am happy with my legs now and all my friends just thought I miraculously slimmed down tons of weight when actually I just lost 1-2kg, which the actual fact is I went for liposuction.
I have thigh gaps now and I'm really happy :-)


(Pictures of my legs, breasts and buttocks)

The reason why I'm uploading pictures now is because for liposuction, final results might take up to 2 years to show.

I am really grateful to Dr Arthur, and my experience with Elixir De Vie actually made me miss that place too!

Recently I had a consultation with Dr Arthur when he was back to SG, and he was very happy to see my final results!

However he feel that there is still some more room for improvement(hehe he is really dedicated in creating and finishing up his masterpiece), thus I am set to go back for one more round of liposuction for my calves and to improve my entire leg overall and also another round of fat transfer to my breasts.

Don't get me wrong, I like my breasts now, it's just that some areas can be filled to make it look firmer.
The reason why Dr Arthur did not transfer too much fats for me the last time as too much fats transferred to the breasts might cause uneven and hard lumps due to the absorption of the fats, if there are too many, our breasts might not able to "take it", and thus resulting to the uneven and hard lumps. :-)

I am going back to Dr Arthur in Medan during march this year, and I will update this blog with my results once again.

Thank you all for reading this blog.

Do stay tuned if you are also keen in Rhinoplasty, I will be sharing with everyone my rhinoplasty journey on this blog too which the surgery will take place in Mid July. :-)

If you go to Elixir De Vie website, I'm in one of the case studies, case study no. 4, under the full body transformation category.

Here :

Disclaimer : I am not someone who works for Elixir De Vie nor I am sponsored by anyone to write this blog. I set up this blog mainly to help spread the word of Elixir De Vie as I am a sincerely happy customer who thinks that Dr Arthur deserves to be more widely known, and also this is to help girls who are contemplating about liposuction and also the risks, factors and costs on the surgery. I am also using this blog as a platform to update my plastic surgery journey which I hope to complete by end of 2014. Cheers!

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