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My story :

I used to be fat as a child.

Okay maybe I was petite and had a smaller bone frame than other girls but honestly I was the chubbier kid compared to the rest.

I was called many names as a kid; fatty, pig, fatso, etc etc.
Until I told myself that I want to be different and feel different once I got into secondary school.

When I was sec 1, I dropped my weight from 56kg to 47kg.
My height was 156cm then.

My weight stayed the same throughout my sec school days, I wasn't that fat kid anymore, but I wasn't as slim as I wanted to be, still, but at least at that point no one actually commented on my looks or my weight then.

During that point I was with an ex-boyfriend of mine.

I remembered his friends as being mean as they didn't really like me due to the fact I spent too much time with him, taking most of his time away
They started to be really immature and mean,launching personal attacks at me and calling me names like pig-legs, fat thighs, giant legs, etc.
It hurt me a lot as I started to remember my primary school days with all the names-calling.
But thinking back those people are just super childish despite being secondary 4.

Moving on to my poly days, my weight fluctuated, but my height did increase slightly from sec 3-4, I grew 3cm taller wahaha but in average my weight was 49kg.
As you can see, I was still about the same size even though I was slightly taller.
My body frame was petite and even bony, but when I look at my bottom half of my body, I really have to admit I'm heavier waist down.
I've got a bigger butt, larger thighs and calves than someone of my body frame/size should have and I have inherited my dad's famous thick ankles.

I remember during year 3 of my poly life, I went cny visiting with a group of friends. Two of my close guy friends were walking behind me and they were whispering something like, "yah ah her thighs quite big..".

I heard and I turned around to ask them about what I heard. Obviously I was hurt. And yeap guys being guys they just told me in my face my thighs are bigger than they should be. It then got me thinking, maybe I really should something about them.

I can't embrace them, then why not work out something to make myself feel better and look better?

At the end of my poly days, I started working. I tried exercising and many many ways to slim down. And I did, my weight dropped to a whopping 46kg but guess what? My thunder thighs are still there. No thigh gaps, too lumpy front and back and I didn't dare to wear shorts and skirts.

I exercised till I am slightly flat chested but my thighs are still.. fat.

I felt so sad one day when I looked into the mirror.

Why am I born this way?
Why must I have thighs like these?
Should I just live with it?

Then I started researching on ways on slimming thighs and calves.
What came out was just diet, exercise and more exercises to curb this problem.
But I already am on a super strict diet and am working out too much to be good for my own body...

Until I found this : Liposuction

I was curious and researched intensively on liposuction and found many doctors that does liposuction, until I saw Elixir De Vie's website with reliable clear and explanations and also before and after pictures of all the happy patients.

I was intrigued with what I have found and read each and every case study, and by the end of it all I am very amazed by what I found. He is using the traditional lipo method which is safe and scars are approx 2-3mm big(like average pimple scar size) which everything is under his professional control so you do not have to worry about things getting out of control like what happened to the CEO who did lipo by machine and died due to the cannulas puncturing his internal organs.

I read on Elixir De Vie's website that Dr Arthur's method is safe as the cannula he uses is so thin it can only get under the skin to draw fats out (by his own strength not machine mind you!) so it is absolutely safe that you don't have to worry it will puncture your organs.

Without hesitation I quickly emailed Dr Arthur, the Doctor which does all the liposuction cases in his hospital, Elixir De Vie, situated in Medan.

I sent him photos of me asking for all the price quotes and the areas that I should lipo on, and I got a reply very soon from his assistant Jenny.
Jenny told me she would check with Dr Arthur about my queries and in the meantime she directed me to some articles on Elixir De Vie website to read on more about what I wanted to do.

Soon after the I got a reply and Jenny told me the Dr's professional views and in the end we settled on liposuction-ing 7 areas and fats transfer to my flat chested boobs area haha.

The 6 areas are : thighs front, thighs back, thighs side, side of my knees, buttocks and armpit fats.
(Good thing about Dr Arthur is that he charges both thighs one part as one area. I.e : thigh front (left thigh and right thigh) as one area. Do you know that some surgeons charge one thigh one part as one area? Imagine how much that could cost u!!)

I did fat transfer to my breasts too, using my own fats (those that the doctor lipo-ed out from my body) and after that my breasts are firmer, less manly and rounder. :-)

Here are pictures of me when I had my fat legs.

Before lipo

After lipo Day 1 and 1.5 months thereafter (Ops room pic credits to Dr Arthur)

Dr Arthur told me I'm one of his masterpieces haha.
If you go to Elixir De Vie website, I'm in one of his case studies, case study no. 4, under the full body transformation category.

Here :

Next post : during my stay at Elixir De Vie

Disclaimer : I am not someone who works for Elixir De Vie nor I am sponsored by anyone to write this blog. I set up this blog mainly to help spread the word of Elixir De Vie as I am a sincerely happy customer who thinks that Dr Arthur deserves to be more widely known, and also this is to help girls who are contemplating about liposuction and also the risks, factors and costs on the surgery. I am also using this blog as a platform to update my plastic surgery journey which I hope to complete by end of 2014. Cheers!

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